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Pixel Bender
Richard Rosenman Filters
Flaming Pear Freebies
Photoshop Fun 3
Stereogram Lab Filter
FilterForge Freepacks
Mezzoforce Plugins
Medhi Plugins
Xero Plugins & Xero XL Plugins
Martin Koch Plugins Plugins
AmphiSoft Filters & Photo Tinter Filters
Mosaic & Illumination Fix Toolkit
L&K Filters
Little Ink Pot Free Plugins
Econym Plugins
Cybia’s Works Plugins
Namesuppressed Design
GraphicXtras Gothic Plugin
DC Filters
Ulead Free Plugins
EyeCandy4000 BevelBoss & MotionTrial and Splat! Edges
Almathera Plugins
AutoFX Mosaic
AutoFX Dreamy Photo
Filter Meister
DragonFly’s Plugins
VDL Adrenaline Plugins
The Yellownail Collection
Pobelly’s Plugins
2D HyperClouds
Mura’s Filters
Mark’s Page Curl & Remove White
Axion Lens Flare32 and Glow32
AlienSkin Xenofex 1.0
Fantastic Machines Tile Tools
Filter Formula Example Filters
Vicanek Plugins
Pog’s Plugins
Easyfilter Plugins
Red Paw Media Free Plugins
4N6site Plugins
FoksMarx recolorLE
8bf Plugin Filters
Rudolf’s Black and White Works
Wire Pilot
Magic Enhancer Lite & Outliner
Fotomatic Plugins & Final Impact Vivida
Simpel Filters
Gradient Remover & Vignetting Remover
Multiple Exposure & BW Conversion
Fiddaman Plugins
virtualPhotographer Plugins
Flo’s UnDistort filter
Polaroid Dust & Scratch Removal Utility
Sharpen filter
Colleen’s Photoshop Fun Pack
AIM DeepSpace & Photoshop Plugins
Red Prince Flips ‘n Rolls, Noise Generator, Whitewash & Pixie Dust
BorderMania Pro and PhotoSwizzle
3D Shadow
WebClipper & PhotoHTML
Gregory Paret’s Plugins
Extensis PhotoBevel
Extensis PhotoText
Background Maniac Filters
Redfield Freeware Plugins
Birgits Chaos
Tessela Plugins
Filter Farm
Deep Paint 2
Fantastic Machines’ Paint Engine 1.1 OLD BETA
Wacom Pen Tools
AmphiSoft POV Sphere Mosaic
Adobe’s Google 3D Warehouse Plugin
Normal Map Generation Filter & PhotoShop DXT Compression Plugin
Rasterizer Plug
Epson Print Plugin
FlickrShop Automation Plugin
Superrune Plugins
Telegraphics Plugins
GML Matting
Panorama Tools Plug-ins (16-bit)
Proxel EXIF Tool
SF Maskerade LE
Disable VM Buffering Plugin for Photoshop
Digimarc Watermark Plugin
Type Chameleon
Pro Canvas & WallPampered
Panorama Tools
The Photoshop 7.0 Scripting plugin
Telegraphics Plugins
Microsoft HD Photo Plugin
Genuine Fractals Reader Plugin
JNG Format Plugin
Olympus RAW-Plug-in 2.0
Photoshop DDS Plugin
FITS Liberator
JPEG2000 File Format Plugin
Dempsey’s Olympus RAW File Import Plugin
j2k and SuperPNG
UnWired or WBMP file format plugin
The ECW v2.0 file format plugin
The PRINT Image Matching Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Image Effects

Pixel Bender **

The Pixel Bender plugin for Photoshop CS4 lets you develop filter effects with the help of a simple C-like language. The language is GPU-accelerated, so the filters run very fast. A dozen effects are already delivered. Pixel Bender is also supported by Adobe After Effects CS4 and Flash Player 10. Pixel Bender appears like a new and greatly enhanced version of Adobe Filter Factory, but the filters are stored as text files and there is no possibility to create plugins as with FilterFactory. For more PixelBender filters see here.

Richard Rosenman Filters ***

… include many freeware plugins. 3D Sphere Generator generates a 3D sphere, Color Bar Generator creates calibration bars, Scanlines creates simulate a monitor, Grid Generator creates custom b/w grids and Grain Generator produces varying types of grain on your image. Tiler makes an image tileable, Pixelate applies a pixel effect, Halftone creates dot patterns, Diffuse produces noise diffusion effects, Lens Distortion Corrector performs lens corrections, Spherical Map Correctorproduces texture map correction for spherical texture mapping and Diffuse Glow creates what its name suggests. Pinch adds a pinch effect, the Squarify plugin produces squared distortions and Evaluate can perform more than 50 image processing operations. The Portable PixMap Importer/Exporter filter imports and exports PPM, PGM and PBM images in binary and text format. The Superformula plugin draws a wide variety of geometric shapes, Smart De-Interlacer performs various de-interlacing procedures, Vignette Corrector removes vignettes, Pinocchio is a fun tool lets you prolong the nose of people and Color Replacer performs selective color replacements. Pixel Quantification filter calculates the sum of a selected number of pixels above a level threshold. The Channel Modifier plugin manipulates color channels in different ways and the Variable Invertion plugin inverts the color channels of an image.

Flaming Pear Freebies **

… consists of dozens of plugins. The Rule 30 plugin produces an abstract gray pattern, Veins transforms the image into color lines that look like blood veins, the three “Gray from” plugins produce B/W images and Pixel Trash tries to imitate the computer graphics of the early 80s. The Circle to Square plugin transforms circular objects in an image into squares. The Zombie plugin gives your images a touch of horror. It works best with portraits that show eyes and teeth. Most plugins apply the effect without showing a dialog except a few plugins.

Photoshop Fun 3 *

… consists of 4 plugins that apply pixel snow, mirror, shadow and warping effects. You need an Adobe ID, which can be requested for free, to download them.

Stereogram Lab Filter *

… allows you to generate hidden image stereograms. These autostereograms consist of a repeating pattern and only show their hidden content if you focus your eyes behind the image plane.

FilterForge Freepacks***

FilterForge will be offering so called Freepacks, which are are free Photoshop plugins based on the Filter Forge technology. Freepack 1 is a set of seven metal textures and effects. Freepack 2 contains seven photo effects, e.g. for adding sunny styles, grunge looks, color tints, age the image and more. Freepack 3 offers seven frame effects, e.g. a painted wooden frame or a vignette.The effects are fully adjustable and support seamless tiling.

Mezzoforce Plugins**

Mezooforce offers a few Lite versions of its commercials plugins which are limited to processing only images up to 1000 x 1000 pixel in size. In order to download them, you need to subscribe to a discussion group. The Ice 2.0 Lite plugin creates ice-like structures. Version 1.03 of the same plugin is also offered for download and does not have any size limitation. Mezzoforce MetallEaser 2 LITE adds a metallic effect to images. The Snow plugin produces snow effects and has no size limitations.

Medhi Plugins ***

… contain 26 free Photoshop-compatible plugins that were created with Filter Meister. The plugin effects range from color effects, photo correction, transparency manipulation, distortion to grain and fractals. Version 2 of the Seamless Border plugin and the Flat Median plugin just became available. Additionally all Mehdi plugins were updated for Windows Vista compatibility.

Xero Plugins & Xero XL Plugins***

… consist of 4 collections of up to 9 freeware plugins plus a new XL collection of five plugins. The effect range varies from color effects, art effects, grain effects to noise removal and image enhancement. It is a bit hard to get used to the pink dialog of these plugins, but otherwise they look quite useful. There are also five extra plugins for star, paint, snowflake, sparkle and tinted monochrome effects.

Martin Koch Plugins **

… contain three freeware plugins that produce line art and dithering effects. The Line plugin applies a 1-bit black and white horizontal or vertical line screen, Random Dither randomly dithers an image to 1-bit black and white line art and the Dither plugin uses a special dither effect that looks better than standard dithering algorithms. Finally, there is a fourth plugin that costs $10 and deletes stray dots in a line art image. The plugins only work on 8bit images. Plugins***

Among various commercial plugins also offers three free plugins. GREYSCALER is a kind of channel mixer for converting images to black and white. It also offers brightness and contrast sliders. IMAGE ENCODER encrypts and decrypts your images with a 24 bit key. IRIDESCENT applies a color-shift effect to your images.

AmphiSoft Filters & Photo Tinter ***

The Photo Tinter plugin allows extracting tone maps from existing black and white images and applying them to new images and is meant as an alternative to Photoshop’s Curves filter. The AmphiSoft Filters contains both free and shareware Photoshop-compatible plugins. Included are free light versions of “Convolution shaman” and “Sorting shaman” (basic functions like blur, sharpen, edge detection and sharpening and despeckle with many extra options for image enhancement) which can be upgraded to full versions by registering. “Thread master” (cross-shaped smudge effect) and “Out of the noise (noise & diffuse effects) are free, too. The new and free Simplifier filter provides a wide range of colorshape simplification operations, resulting in “painterly” artistic effects. The shareware plugins of this package are called “Metalwork II” (metallic effects), “ArtiFactor” and “Kinetics lab” (for creating organic textures by simulating chemical reactions). Filters **

… offers several effect plugins, which are basically freeware and only available in Spanish language.To get access to them you need to contact the author, whose English is probably not the best. The plugins are called Watercolor, B&W, drawing, Dream, Threshold, Tone Effect, Splash, High-Key, Dynamic Color, Convolution Draw, Graduated Filter and Center Spot.

Mosaic & Illumination Fix Toolkit **

… apply mosaic effects to images and let you fix unevenly lit photos.

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