Il ministero della difesa inglese ha confermato oggi di essere stato contagiato da un virus che ha spento diversi computer, compresi i server di supporto di alcune navi da guerra della Royal Navy anglosassone, adibiti a gestione magazzini, email ecc… per motivi di sicurezza il MOD si è rifiutato di discutere sui dettagli del virus, sui metodi di trasmissione e sulle contromisure prese.

Queste le dichiarazioni di un portavoce del ministero:
“Since 6 Jan 09 the performance of the MOD IT systems in a number of areas was affected by a virus. Immediate action was taken to isolate the problem to stop the virus from spreading. This meant that some people were without regular IT access (i.e. email, internet). There have been no infections detected on any networks with sensitive information.
A solution to prevent re-infection has been tested and implemented. The majority of systems are working normally. This is an ongoing process which we are working urgently on so for those people who are still off line normal business will resume as quickly as possible.”


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